V5 FAQ  
What is it?

'Mindwire –V5 is a video gaming console that enhances the video gaming experience by providing physically realistic electrical pulse feedback to the player, in time with on-screen game actions.

What games will it work with?

The system works with 'most' current PS2, PS3, XBOX and Gamecube games, out of the box, using the vibration signal of the controllers.
Add another dimension to the games you already own!

The Mindwire-V5 also works with any console or PC games that have been specifically written to work with it. Mindwire is currently working with games developers to create these games.

How does it connect to the games console?

When using the system with PS3, PS2, Xbox or Gamecube (and PC), the Mindwire-V5 connects to the games console into the games controller port.

How does it connect to the user / player ?

The Mindwire-V5 connects to the player's body with a number of Self adhesive electrode pads.

A butterfly shaped pad is placed across a particular muscle. eg one “wing”of the butterfly wrapped around a player's lower left arm.

The unit provides for 5 independent butterfly pads, meaning that a maximum of 5 points on the body can feel sensory feedback simultaneously.

The device can be configured so that 1,2,3,4 or 5 pads are used.

Is it safe ?

The Mindwire-V5 uses similar technology to existing TENS machines and Muscle Toning devices. The device is battery driven only, and incorporates layers of safety features from its conceptual design through to its hardware and software, to provide a safe user experience, as well as conforming to all applicable European safety standards.

What does it feel like ?

The Mindwire-V5 fires 'electric pulses' onto the different pads in time with game action. These 'pulses' can vary both their power, and feel ‘sensation’.

The feel or ‘sensation’ can be anything from a fast, 'buzzy' ZAP that will make you yelp, like being hit by an opponents fire ball, or bolt of lightning, to something that could even be considered soft and massaging – as well as many things in between. It can feel pleasant or it can feel very realistic as required! The Power Level determines how strong these feelings are.

So it is like a Muscle Toning machine ?

Yes, it does feel like a muscle toner. It is a dynamic, software driven, frequency and amplitude modulating version of a muscle toner device. It is specifically for use with video games.

What sort of games work best with it ?

Fighting games.
First-person and third-person shooters.
Sports games. Feel yourself being tackled at American Football or punched when boxing.
Driving games (!) It soon makes you think twice about crashing on corners, you feel vibration when you go off the track.

Does it work with ALL PS3, PS2, XBOX and Gamecube games ?

No, but it works on a fair proportion of games. Check the page for that system by clicking here. If you have a PS3/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube/PC then you likely already own games that it works with.

Used with these consoles the Mindwire-V5 is driven by the games controller force feedback signal. Games in which the controllers vibrate in time with a player being 'hit' work best. A 'snooker' game, for instance, will make little sense when used with the Mindwire-V5.

Also visit the Games page to see lists of games on which the V5 has been tested

Is it multi-player?

A single Mindwire-V5 is designed for one player when used with the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time, for multi-player games.

When used with PC or console games that drive the V5 directily (via the USB port), two players can use a single V5 unit at the same time, so long as the game supports this. In this configuration player 1 uses pads 1 and 2, and player 2 uses pads 4 and 5.

Adaptor? What does this do?

When using the V5 with xbox, gamecube, or PC-games-that-support-games-controllers-with-force-feedback, the (optional) 3-in-1-PS2-games-controller-adapter must be used as well as a playstation 2 controller.

How much is it

£99.99 + postage & packing.
- A small price to pay given the vast amount of games this works with... Click here to see the list,
or Click here to see what people have thought when they've tried it.