Using the V5 with Playstation 3
Required: Playstation 3, PS2 games controller and Logic3 PS2->PS3 converter.
Additional parts needed to use the V5 with the playstation 2 are supplied with the V5, including adapter and cable.
In this setup the PS3 force-feedback signal is used to trigger the V5.
Force-feedback (Dualshock3) has recently been introduced into the PS3. This setup will work with any games compatible with DualShock3. See games page for a list of compatible games.
The Logic 3 adapter allows you to use a PS2 controller with your PS3. PS2 controllers are similar to PS3 controllers, except that they do not have the tilt sensing. However, not many PS3 games require or make use of the tilt sensors, so for most games this setup will work fine.

A PS2 controller + adapter is also cheaper than buying a DualShock3 controller. (PS2 controller = 10 pounds, logic 3 adapter = 10 pounds, as opposed to 37 pounds fora DualShock3 controller. All available on Amazon or Ebay).

NB. Dualshock3 has only been recently introduced into the PS3. If you own a PS2 from before September 2007 it is likely that your PS3 needs a firmware update before it will work. Firmware version 1.94 or higher is need. (This can be checked in the PS2 system menu).
Vibration must also be enabled on the PS3 by pressing the 'PS' button on the controller and adjusting the controller settings.

Also be aware that not many other makes of PS2->PS3 converters will work with Dualshock3, as many of these existed before Dualshock3 existed. Currently the Logic3 converter is the only one that has been tested.