Product Information
Included in purchase
Mindwire-V5 unit
batteries (4 * AA)
PS2 adapter and cable, needed for connecting V5 to PS2
5 skin electrode pairs.
Price: 99.99
3 in one xbox/gamecube/PC to PS2 adapter, needed if you wish to use the V5 on an XBOX, Gamecube, or PC - in conjunction with games that support force feedback. +5 pounds.

A Playstation2 Controller is required for using the Mindwire-V5 with the Xbox/Gamecube/PC/PS3 (not supplied).
PS2 controllers can be bought from either Amazon or Ebay for not much more than 10 pounds.

A Logic3-PS2-to-PS3 converter also must be purchased seperately in order to use the V5 on a PS3. These can be purchased from Amazon or Ebay for around 10 pounds.