Guidelines for safe usage
Please read and understand guidelines before use.
Only attach pads in recommended areas. 1,2,3,4 or 5 pads can be used at any one time if V5 is configured appropriately.
Do not use V5 for more than 45 minutes per day. Desist if you find skin irritation.  
If you are new to using the V5, only use it on low power until you have become more familiar with it.

Safety Warnings & Precautions The Mindwire-V5 can be great fun if used correctly.
It can be dangerous if mis-used!
Failure to follow the Health and Safety Information and Warnings may cause physical harm, injury and even death.

Do not use this device if younger than 16 years.
Do not use if you have a heart condition, a pacemaker or another implanted medical device.
Do not use if pregnant.
Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, are prone to epileptic fits, have had a seizure, or suffered loss of awareness, muscle twitching or
Do not use if you are suffering from sunburn, a skin allergy, infection, or have a skin disease or disorder.
Do not use if you have diabetes, or related symptoms.
Do not use if you have multiple sclerosis.
Consult a doctor before use if you suffer from injuries or muscle strains in your hands, wrists, arms legs or stomach, and if you have joint or
orthopaedic health concerns.

It is not advisable to use the Mindwire-V5 if you suffer from any mental or physical health problems without consulting your doctor first.

Do not use on head, neck, upper torso, groin, any sensitive parts of the body, scars, moles, varicose veins or open wounds.
Do not put the electrodes onto necklaces, rings, or other conductive items.
Do not use the Mindwire-V5 device on any parts of the body not recommended in the Instructions.

Do not operate the device for somebody else.
Turn master power setting to low before switching on.
Keep the device on low settings until you have become used to it.
After altering the power level, ALWAYS TEST THE PADS, by pressing buttons 1-5 before playing.
If at any point the power/pain is too much, press the ‘STOP’ button and the electric shock will stop immediately.
Do not operate for more than 45 minutes in one session, or more than an hour per day (on average).
Turn device off before adjusting electrodes.
Do not touch the electrode pads with your hands while the device is in use. Doing this will cause electricity to take an (undesirable) alternate route through your body.
Do not stick electrode pads together.
Do not use the device in the bath, shower or in water.
Do not overlap electrodes.
Do not use the device in close proximity to other personal electrical devices, e.g. a personal CD player.
Follow the notes on battery usage in the Installing/ Changing the Batteries section.
Only use butterfly-type electrode pads with this device - consult www.Mindwire-V5.com for recommended (replacement) types.
Prolonged sessions of use from this device are likely to cause aching muscles – similar to doing heavy exercise – as well as sore (red) skin where the electrodes have been placed.
Check periodically if you are suffering these symptoms, and STOP using the device until you have fully recovered. Alternatively, move the pads to a different location on your body.

STOP using the device if any unpleasant feeling occurs, you develop a skin irritation or a jittery feeling, tingling, numbness, burning, stiffness or tiredness in areas of muscle where the electrodes have been attached. Take adequate rest, do not exceed optimum playing time and seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Contact Mindwire Ltd if any malfunction happens.