Using the V5 with a PC
PS2 games controller is required (not supplied).
Additional parts needed to use the V5 with the PC are supplied with the V5, including adapter and cable, and ps2-to-PC converter.
In this setup the PC gamepad force-feedback signal is used to trigger the V5.

A PC running windows XP or Vista is required so that the 3-in-1 PS2 adapter (PS2 to PC converter) will automatically install. For Win95/98 are driver is required - which is not currently supplied with the Mindwire-V5.

With PC games (or console games) that drive the V5 directly, via USB...
Required PC, USB cable.
PC games for the V5 are currently in development.

The V5 can be used by 2 players at the same time connected in this way, if the game supports this. Each player uses only 2 pads.